TYAC Named Funds

Raising funds to support teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer #FundTheAnswers

TYAC Named Funds allow a young person with experience of cancer, or one of their family members, to set up a fund which will go directly toward research into teenage and young adult cancers.

Our Named Funds are flexible, you decide how you raise money and can do so at your own pace, along with the advice and support of our friendly fundraising team.

Where will the funds I raise go?

The funds you raise will go toward research which focuses on the very specific needs of teenage and young adult cancer treatments and care.

How do we know what these needs are?

Based on the outcome of the James Lind Alliance, TYA Cancer Priority Setting Partnerships, 10 top priorities and questions were identified to improve treatment and care for teenagers and young adults with cancers. We have the questions, now together let's #FundTheAnswers.

Read the top 10 research priorities

Why set up a TYAC Named Fund?

TYAC Named Funds are a positive way for individuals, families, friends and local communities to come together and make a difference for all young adults diagnosed with cancer.

Opening a TYAC Named Fund will provide you with a platform to share your story and experiences, as well as raising much need awareness of teenage and young adult cancers.

A TYAC Named Fund is a great way to ensure that the money you raise specifically supports world-class teenage and young adult cancer research.

How do I set up a TYAC Named Fund?

Getting started is quick and easy, and our welcoming fundraising team is there to help, guide and support you.

There is no set fundraising target, all funds, however big or small will help to #FundTheAnswers by supporting specialist research into TYA cancer.

Find out more or get started with your TYAC Named Fund today