TYAC Awareness Month 2023

This April, you can help us to raise awareness about cancer in teenagers and young adults

This April, we're coming together with our partners to celebrate the first ever TYAC Awareness Month.

We want to make every April a month where we can raise awareness about the specific challenges teenagers and young adults face in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Teenagers and young adults with cancer have very specific needs and require age-appropriate care, but are often overlooked compared to children or adults with cancer.

Help us to raise awareness and 'Bridge the Gap' for teens and young adults with cancer.

TYAC Named Funds

TYAC Named Funds allow a young person with experience of cancer, or one of their family members, to set up a fund which will go directly toward research into teenage and young adult cancers.

Our Named Funds are flexible, you decide how you raise money and can do so at your own pace, along with the advice and support of our friendly fundraising team.

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