TYAC palliative and end of life care research grants

Palliative and end of life care were key themes identified in the Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Priority Setting Partnership (2018). TYAC recognises that this is an important area of research, but funding opportunities specifically for palliative and end of life care research in TYA cancer are uncommon.

This grant is for projects which aim to improve palliative and/or end of life care for teenagers and young adults (aged 13-25) with cancer. Grants of up to £100,000* are available over a period of up to 36 months to support a defined research project. Funded projects will align with the objectives set out in TYAC’s research strategy:

“We aim to:

  • Define and establish a comprehensive research strategy and portfolio
  • Identify and fund research gaps to ensure the whole cancer experience is taken into account
  • Strengthen national and international collaborations and partnerships within the cancer research community to drive improvements
  • Encourage new types of partnerships and collaborative working to support the development of innovative ideas and novel approaches for TYA research
  • Ensure patient involvement and experience is at the heart of our research
  • Develop the next generation of TYA cancer researchers”

* We recognise that smaller, pilot projects to gather preliminary data are also important in this field and so would welcome smaller grant applications (lower budgets over a shorter time period) as alternatives to larger project grants too.

You should read our guidance for applicants in full prior to starting an application.

Proposed projects should address one of the following priorities for teenage and young adult cancer research published by the Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Priority Setting Partnership (TYA PSP) (please note these priorities are broad themes rather than specific research questions, giving plenty of scope for a wide range of research ideas). The number priorities are from the top ten. The bulleted priorities are from the further 20 questions identified as priorities by the TYA PSP. Projects addressing any of these priorities will be considered for this grant round.

  • 5. What are the best ways of supporting a young person who has incurable cancer?
  • 6. What are the most effective strategies to ensure that young people who are treated outside of a young person’s Principal Treatment Centre receive appropriate practical and emotional support? (with respect to palliative/end of life care for this grant round)
  • 8. How can parents/carers/siblings/partners be best supported following the death of a young person with cancer?
  • What are the factors that should determine stopping treatment when the young person cannot be cured?
  • For young people with incurable cancer, what methods, techniques or strategies for communication can help them to talk with their family and friends about their situation?
  • For young people with incurable cancer, how should healthcare professionals communicate with them to improve quality of life and patient experience?
  • For young people with incurable cancer, how should patients/carers communicate with them to improve quality of life and experience?
  • What are the support needs of the family following the death of a young person with cancer?

All areas of research related to palliative and end of life care for young people with cancer will be considered.

The deadline for applications is 5pm, Wednesday 25 October 2023

Applications will be judged on:

  • Research need and scope
  • Background evidence, preliminary data and hypothesis
  • Design of proposed study
  • Leadership & expertise of research team
  • Justification of resources.

Please note, this grant round has a greater focus on the provision of information which is accessible for patients, families and the general public. In the ‘Plain English Summary’ section, we encourage all applicants to write their responses in a form which can be easily understood by a lay audience. Please refer to our lay summary guidance to ensure your writing meets our expectations. If, during the peer review process, this section is not deemed to be clearly understandable, applicants will be asked to resubmit a new version. 

All applicants are requested to provide a title, accessible outline of their proposed research and an overview of the project strengths which should be easily understood by a lay audience. TYAC is also committed to funding projects which support greater engagement and involvement with patients, families and the general public. All applicants are asked to describe any plans for engagement and involvement with members of the public throughout the various stages of their research project, including proposals for dissemination that are accessible for a lay audience. Specifically, applicants are asked to comment on how these activities can influence and help your research to achieve a greater and broader impact.

For further information, the following external websites may help you with ideas for how to involve members of the public in your research, together with good practice guidelines.


Application Process  

All applications should be submitted through our online portal. You will need to sign up for an account with us to complete this process. Applications must be completed by 17:00 on 25 October 2023. 

We would expect final decisions to be made by the end of January 2024, so please plan your proposed start date accordingly. 

Please read our guidance for applicants in full before starting an application:

Guidance for applicants 

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