Our research projects

We invest funds and grants into pioneering teenage and young adult cancer research that will push boundaries and deliver results. We want better, faster and kinder treatments for every teenager and young adult diagnosed with cancer.

Our research projects cover the whole cancer journey from learning about how cancer cells grow to improving everyday life for patients and survivors.

Our supporters help us to carry on our important research through fundraising and donations.

Projects currently funded by TYAC

How does teenage and young adult cancer treatment affect the risk of kidney disease?

This project aims to find out more about kidney damage in teenagers and young adults who have been treated for cancer. Dr Nicola Hughes wants to know what puts young people with cancer at risk of kidney damage, and to create helpful information for patients and their families.

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What are young people and their families’ experiences of melanoma?

This project will investigate how young people and their families experience skin cancer. Dr Wendy McInally hopes to further develop the teenage and young adult cancer service, and create information that will help young people with skin cancer and their families.

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