Planning your fundraising event

Doing your own event for TYAC is a great way to have fun with family or friends, at work or in the local community.

Choose your fundraising event

From coffee mornings to sports tournaments, sponsored walks to a gala ball, there are lots of ways to have some fun and raise much needed funds for TYAC.

Keep it simple! Pick something you enjoy doing, or have experience of. Ask friends, family or colleagues what they think about your idea.

Fundraising ideas

Take a look art some of our ideas to get your fundraising started.

Get some ideas!

Aim to raise at least three times as much as you spend. Draw up a simple budget and stick to it! Work out what things will cost and ask for a charity discount or a donation from your suppliers. If you don’t ask, you won’t get!

Planning your event

Even the simplest activities need some planning and preparation. Organising your own event can be challenging, but it should also be fun!


  • Think about who you will be inviting to your event, and how you
    will do it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use people’s skills!


  • Choose a date and allow time to organise your activity. Weekends
    are usually best, but Fridays are good if you’re fundraising at work.
  • Try to avoid clashes with any major events, like big sports games.
  • Write a plan and keep it updated.


Think about the kind of space and facilities you’ll need to suit the number of people. Book your venue in plenty of time and mention that your event is for charity. Often you’ll be able to pay less or get it for free.

Maximise your fundraising

Aim high!
Set yourself a fundraising goal and aim to beat it! Let everyone know why you’re raising funds for TYAC – we have posters and leaflets explaining our vital work you can share with your supporters, to let them know how their donation will make a difference.

Maximise your sponsorship
Everyone tends to follow suit on sponsor forms – so if you’re doing a sponsored event, ask someone you know will be generous to be your first sponsor, and hopefully others will follow!

Approach everyone you know
If you don’t ask, you won’t get! Make a list of all your family, friends and colleagues, which will make it easier for you to invite people to take part in your fundraising event, or sponsor you.

Gift Aid it!
Gift Aid is simple and costs you and your donors nothing. Under this government scheme, all donations made by UK tax payers are worth an extra 25%. This means for every £1 donated, we can claim an extra 25p from HM Revenue and Customs. This additional income makes an enormous difference to us, so please encourage your supporters to sign a declaration.

Matched giving
Many employers operate a matched giving scheme, where they will match the funds you raise for TYAC (sometimes up to a certain limit). This is a great way to increase the funds you raise through your workplace. Lots of companies are keen to support employees who are involved in raising money for charities, so it’s always worth asking.

Fundraising online

There are lots of advantages to opening an online fundraising page. It’s easy to set up and manage, and your supporters can donate from anywhere, at any time, and leave you messages of support. Even better, all donations are sent directly to us, so you don’t need to spend time collecting money. You can add a personal story, photos and updates to encourage people to give, and you can link directly to your social media and reach even more people. Finally, if donations are eligible for Gift Aid, this will automatically be reclaimed for us. 

Help, support and advice...

We're here to help you every step of the way with your fundraising. Register your fundraising event with us to get your free fundraising pack or get in touch with our friendly team - call us on 0333 050 7654 or email  

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