Experiences of young cancer patients sought to improve care

On 23 April 2024, the TYAC Professional Education Group is running a session aimed at helping staff better understand the experiences of young people with cancer as part of Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group's (CCLG) Annual Conference.

The session will focus on improving care and communication for teenagers and young adults and help healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of young people's experience of receiving care by hearing from young people themselves. 

To do this, they want to hear from teenagers and young adults who have experienced cancer.

  • What experiences have really stuck with you? (These can be positive or negative, big or small, helpful or unhelpful.)
  • What were the things that made a difference in your cancer care? 
  • What made things easier or harder? 


If you would like to be involved, please send a video or voice note sharing your experiences (max two minutes) or artwork by 29 February 2024 to membership@cclg.org.uk.