Membership categories and fees

Who can be a TYAC member?

Membership is open to professionals, of any discipline, working in teenage and young adult cancer care, support or research, whose role is based in the UK or Ireland. We also offer an international membership to professionals outside of the UK and Ireland.

Membership is open to doctors, nursing and allied health professionals, other health and social care professionals working in teenage and young adult cancer (e.g. psychologists, pharmacists, social workers) and those working to support young people with cancer (e.g. Youth Support Coordinators, youth workers, activity workers etc). 

Tax relief

Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG, TYAC's parent organisation) is recognised by the HMRC via its register of Approved Professional Organisations and Learned Societies. So, if you pay your own subscription, you should be able to claim back 20% to 40% of the cost through tax relief. Just check out the relevant information on the HMRC website once you’ve joined.

Membership categories

Category Annual fee Annul fee by Direct Debit (5% discount) Monthly fee by Direct Debit
Consultant £50 £47.50 £4.50
Other medical* (trainee or staff grade) £30  £28.50 £3
Non-medical health or social care professional* £30  £28.50 £3
Researcher** £30 £28.50 £3
Retired/not in employment £12 £11.40 £1.50
International £30    
International - Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC)*** £0    

* Other medical, non-medical or social care professional, and researcher categories of membership are entitled to a free first year of membership when paying by Direct Debit. You must complete a Direct Debit form at the time of joining for payment in year 2 of your membership and beyond. 

** Early career researchers (PhD students and those within 10 years of PhD) working on CCLG-funded grants (including TYAC-funded and Little Princess Trust-funded grants) can access free membership for the duration of their funding. 

If you are a nurse or a health/social care professional whose role is funded by our partners Young Lives vs Cancer or Teenage Cancer Trust, we are delighted to offer free membership.

*** A list of LMIC countries can be found on the Wellcome website.

Subsidised SIOP-Europe membership

As a member of TYAC, you can also add on membership of SIOP-Europe for a subsidised rate of £10 per year (£9.50 if paying by annual Direct Debit, £1 per month if paying by monthly Direct Debit). Please note free CCLG-funded early career research members, or free YLVC/TCT funded members will be charged for SIOP-E membership. 

Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) membership bundle

If you work across both children's and teenage and young adult cancer care in your role, TYAC members can take advantage of our membership bundles and join our sister organisation, Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) at a reduced rate. (See fees below)

You must meet the eligibility criteria for both TYAC and CCLG membership to become a member of both organisation. CCLG membership is only open to those working in the NHS or researchers based in UK research institutions. Youth activity workers (or similar) employed directly by charities are not eligible for CCLG membership.

To take advantage of our TYAC and CCLG membership bundle, visit the CCLG website to join as a CCLG member, and add TYAC membership to your application. 

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