Bridging the gap

We are a specialist network of professionals who treat and care for teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Our strength lies in our knowledge and understanding that teenagers and young adults have different and specific needs to children and older adults, and require age-appropriate care.

We are working hard to break down barriers and fight for change for all teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Our vision

Shaping a future where all teenagers and young adults with cancer survive and live well.

Our purpose

To be the leading national platform for influence and progress in teenage and young adult cancer treatment and care.

To support and empower our members through education, awareness, research and knowledge.

To seamlessly bridge the gap between child and adult cancer care for all TYA patients.

Our values

We are open, reliable, accountable and informed, inspiring trust and confidence.

Our dedication, energy and belief in making a positive difference to TYA cancer patients will drive forward progress.

We connect, unite and engage with colleagues, researchers, patients and their families to work together, respond to challenges and seize opportunities as one voice.

We are a catalyst for change, embracing innovation and influence to shape the future of TYA cancer care.

Our goals

Build a membership community for all professionals working with TYA cancer patients.

As leaders and experts in the field, we want to make sure that all teenagers and young adults (aged 13-24) with cancer receive the best possible treatment and care, at all stages of their cancer experience.

Be a strong professional voice for teenagers and young adults with cancer and their need for specialist care.

We are a unified voice and champion for TYA patients and their need for specialist care.

Educate for impact to improve the cancer experience.

Our goal is to find innovative ways of educating professionals to promote excellence of care, and to help them better understand the needs of TYA cancer patients. We want to educate and empower young patients so they can make the right healthcare decisions for them.

Lead and fund world-class research dedicated to teenage and young adult cancer.

We recognise the need for dedicated research into this specialist area and will take the lead in developing research to inform the future of TYA cancer care.