Keeping it safe and legal!

We want you to have fun when you’re raising funds – but you must ensure you don’t take any risks with safety, and follow the law. It may seem daunting, but if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Bake sale


It is illegal to carry out public street collections without a licence. Your local council can provide more information. It is also illegal to carry out house-to-house collections without a licence – and TYAC does not allow house-to-house collections on its behalf. To collect on private property – such as within a shopping centre or railway station – you need permission from the landowner or manager. Tins and buckets used for collections must be sealed and numbered – ensure you only use official TYAC collecting materials supplied by us.

Food hygiene

Food safety laws apply when food is available – whether it is for sale or not. Make sure you follow food hygiene procedures – these are mostly common sense – and you can contact your local council for information about regulations or visit

Selling alcohol

Some venues will already have a licence to sell or supply alcohol. However, if you are using an unlicensed venue and plan to serve alcoholic drinks, you may need a temporary events notice. Check with your local council.


The law around raffles, which are a form of lottery, can be quite complicated. If your raffle is part of an event, and tickets are all sold for the same price, you can use cloakroom tickets. For other types of raffles you will need a local lottery licence and printed tickets, which must contain certain information. Check the latest advice at


Please remember you are responsible for the activity and TYAC cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity or event that you undertake. If you are planning an event that involves the general public, you’ll need public liability insurance. Your venue may already have this, so check whether they have it, and whether it covers your activity.


We take the safety of children very seriously. Don’t hold an event that specifically encourages children to attend without their parents. Children should be accompanied by an adult. If children may attend your event, make sure the environment is safe


For your own protection, if at all possible make sure you count the money you’ve collected with another person present and have them verify the total amount raised. Ask people who want to make a donation by cheque to make it payable to CCLG rather than you personally. Make sure any cash donated is kept in a secure place and banked as soon as possible.

First aid

You may need a trained first aider depending on the number of people at your event. Check with your local council. Check with your venue too – they may already have this covered,

Risk assessment

Identify any hazards and assess any risks at your event. Minimise risks wherever possible. Ask your venue for help if you’re not sure.


You may need a licence for some types of entertainment – such as live music – check with your venue and the local council.

TYAC logo and charity details

When you’re writing to anyone about your event or producing any publicity materials, please remember to include the following statement (please use these exact words):

Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer (TYAC) is part of Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG), a registered charity in England and Wales (1182637) and Scotland (SC049948). 

We have a special version of our logo to brand your fundraising materials, and would be happy to send this to you along with user guidelines – please just ask.

We have free fundraising materials you can download or order to use for your event.

For extra advice, visit the Institute of Fundraising website

Fundraising ideas

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