Radiation therapy (RT) remains a critical component of multimodality treatment for medulloblastoma. Traditionally, clinicians strive to start RT within 4–5 weeks of surgery, but the optimal timing after surgery remains unclear.

Using the National Cancer Database, this study identified pediatric and adolescent patients with medulloblastoma treated with curative-intent surgery, RT, and chemotherapy. Factors associated with early or delayed RT were identified using Pearson chi-squared tests. Overall survival (OS) differences based on RT timing were compared using the Kaplan–Meier estimator with log-rank tests. Patient, tumor, and treatment characteristics associated with OS were analyzed with univariate and multivariate Cox proportional hazards models.

Alexander L Chin Everett J Moding Sarah S Donaldson Iris C GibbsScott G Soltys Susan M Hiniker Erqi L Pollom

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