TYAC and CCLG join forces

TYAC will work in collaboration with leading children's cancer charity, Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) in 2018, bringing together the countries top experts in the field to improve care and extend service reach for young patients.

Trustees from both TYAC and CCLC have reached an agreement to merge as of the new year, to provide a stable platform for the further growth and development of TYAC as the country’s only membership body of its kind.

TYAC members voted overwhelmingly in favour of dissolving the current structure of TYAC to allow a merger with CCLG. The organisation will benefit from CCLG’s extensive infrastructure, enabling its membership to direct their energies to delivering the core business of TYAC, working to achieve the best possible care for teenagers and young adults with cancer.

The decision will also present an exciting opportunity for both organisations, to develop a detailed research strategy in partnership, to ensure that all young people and their families have the maximum opportunity to contribute to and participate in research that directly affects them.

Dr Dave Hobin, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and TYAC Chair said: “I am delighted we are now in a position to move forward and forge our collaboration with CCLG. As a membership organisation, we always aim to provide our members with the latest research and best practice guidance in the field. This partnership will drastically increase the resources we are able to provide to our members and ultimately, help to improve the care they give.

“I am now more confident than ever about the future of TYAC and how we can ensure the best care and opportunities for young people with cancer.”

Ashley Gamble, Executive Director, CCLG added: “We’re pleased to be working more closely with TYAC, bringing together the expertise of both organisations, and the passion and commitment of their respective memberships, to ensure that all children, teenagers and young adults with cancer receive the best possible treatment and care.”

"We are also delighted that CLIC Sargent and Teenage Cancer Trust have committed to continuing their long-standing support for TYAC as we move forward together, and will continue to fund some of the work of TYAC, helping to ensure all young people with cancer get the care and support that is appropriate for them."

Both organisations will retain their separate memberships and brand identity, but will share a ‘behind-the-scenes’ infrastructure, combining their extensive resources, including their experienced staff team. This will allow for increased efficiency and the sharing of ideas, expertise and best practice across the two groups.