TYAC Named Funds

Raising funds for teenage and young adult cancer research

TYAC Named Funds are a great way to support our work on an ongoing basis. Young people with experience of cancer can set up a TYAC Named Fund, or family members in recognition or in memory of a young person that has had cancer. Our Named Funds are flexible, so you decide how you raise money and do so at your own pace, without the administrative burden of setting up and running an independent charity. And every penny you raise will help #FundTheAnswers by supporting specialist research into teenage and young adult cancer.

Why set up a TYAC Named Fund?

Research into teenage and young adult cancer often falls through the gap, with established funders supporting either childhood cancer or adult cancer research. TYAC is working hard to change this, by establishing a dedicated programme of teenage and young adult cancer research. 

If you're considering fundraising and want to ensure that the money you raise specifically supports world-class teenage and young adult cancer research, a TYAC Named Fund is a great way to achieve this. 

Setting up a TYAC Named Fund

A TYAC Named Fund means you can fundraise in your own way. Perhaps you want to organise events, or ask your friends and family to raise funds for your Fund. 

Getting started is quick and easy, and our fundraising team is there to help, guide and support you. All of the funds you raise will be 'ringfenced' to specifically support dedicated teenage and young adult cancer research. 

Find out more or get started with your TYAC Named Fund today

What support will I get with my fundraising?

You can take advantage of our fundraising expertise and resources, so you can focus on raising funds and awareness and, ultimately, to making a difference to the lives of others.

Our TYAC Named Funds programme is flexible to meet your needs. Support available includes:

  • Advice and support on organising fundraising events
  • Advice on making sure your fundraising is safe and legal, including how to use our logo and charity numbers, lotteries and raffles, the Fundraising Code and more
  • A professionally designed logo for your fund (if you choose)
  • An online hub for your fund, where you can tell your story, add photos, collect donations, and where your fund's supporters can create donation pages for their events and challenges. If you choose to document your story on social media, we can also include links to your channels.
  • Free resources, including posters, collection boxes, merch and more

Get in touch today

Want to know more about TYAC Named Funds? Email us on fundraising@tyac.org.uk or give our friendly team a call on 0333 050 7654