This study sought to (1) assess prevalence of fear of recurrence among cancer survivors diagnosed as adolescent and young adults (AYA; 15–39 years) versus those diagnosed at a later age (40+ years) and (2) identify factors associated with fear of recurrence in each group.


For both AYA and older adult survivors, changeable factors such as having a more positive cancer care experience may impact fear of recurrence.

Our findings highlight the need to identify and understand aspects of the communication process that can be targeted in future interventions with survivors and health care providers to ensure that fear of recurrence is being appropriately managed.

Factors associated with fear of recurrence differ for AYA and older adult survivors; thus, interventions would likely benefit from tailoring based on age at diagnosis.


  • L Aubree Shay
  • Melissa Y Carpentier
  • Sally W Vernon

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