Guidance for TYAC research grant applicants

TYAC research grants provide support for clearly defined research proposals that aim to address a key question in the field of teenage and young adult cancers.

Applications are assessed by the TYAC Research Advisory Group via a competitive process.

Find out more about the process we use to select research applications. 


Who can apply?
Members of staff who have a contract which encompasses the duration of the proposed grant

Host Institute
Any non-profit research centre of excellence within the UK that is able to provide the facilities required for the successful completion of the project.

Terminology used

Award term
As per guidance for individual grant rounds

Award value
As per guidance for individual grant rounds

Research Advisory Group
Please see our website for the current membership of our Research Advisory Group (RAG)

Application form

Applications are only accepted electronically via the CCLG Flexigrant portal. Links to specific application forms are provided within the grant call.

Applicants & signatories

Lead applicant/Principal Investigator
The principal investigator of the research proposal, who has overall responsibility for the delivery and reporting of the grant. Applicants who hold time-limited posts should state the duration of the appointment.

An investigator who will provide significant intellectual input, as well as overseeing some aspects of the experimental work/research.

An investigator who may provide reagents, advice or access to research materials, but won’t be directly involved in the day-to-day work.


We do not fund lead applicant applicant salaries. Costs of staff specific to the project, for example technicians or research assistants can be applied for. Alternatively, the grant may be used to support a PhD student. As a charity we ONLY fund the direct costs of research. Overheads or other indirect costs will not be supported. 

Any major items of equipment are expected to be purchased within the first year of the award to support the grant for its duration. Any major equipment requested should therefore be included in the first year budget, but allowance can be made for some small items of equipment in subsequent years if fully justified.

Computers and laptops cannot be requested unless integral to a major piece of equipment or data analysis package.  

Applications can be considered where funding or other resources such as staff time are required from other sources for the successful completion of the project. If this is the case then all relevant information must be included in the application form (section 10d). It is important that the arrangement does not compromise or put at risk either the project applied for or any other projects from which resources are being used.

Lay summary

Please read and adhere to our guidance on writing lay summaries.

Guidance on writing lay summaries