Previous work undertaken by the South West TYA Service evidenced the practical and emotional impact of a diagnosis of cancer on TYAs and on those closest to them. To fill this gap an innovative 2 day wellbeing course is being piloted by holistic cancer charity Penny Brohn UK. Five courses are being trialled over an18-month period to understand how supporting TYA supporters can improve their wellbeing and impact positively on the TYAs themselves


Mixed methods pre-post design with data collection at beginning of course and 6 weeks later. Measures include: Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing (MYCaW); Health & Wellbeing Wheel; participant experience questionnaire. The impact on the TYAs themselves will also be investigated.


10 supporters attended the first course.  Main concerns reported were psychological and emotional, including depression, anxiety, sleep and stress. Early data shows that the courses are well received, and that there were improvements in MYCaW concerns and wellbeing (main concern pre 5.3/6, post 4.3/6; wellbeing pre 3.5/6, post 3/6, with 6 being the worst). Supporters reported that the course supported them to improve their diet and use of self-help techniques. After 6 weeks, a positive impact was also reported from the TYAs themselves.


This feasibility data indicates that the innovative wellbeing course for supporters of TYA cancer patients has been well received. Furthermore, there is a secondary benefit to the TYA cancer patients themselves. Ongoing data collection across future courses will inform future service provision for TYAs with cancer and their supporters.


 R. Jolliffe1, J. Cargill2, M.Polley3, H. French1, F. Hardman2, H.Seers1, L.Baker2

Penny Brohn UK, Bristol. 2Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, 3Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Westminster, London.