CLIC Sargent has appointed two young people with lived experience of cancer to its Board of Trustees. Young people wanted their views and experiences to be represented at Board level, and this signals an exciting new way of working for the Board, ensuring the voices of children and young people are represented at the highest level.


The Young People’s Reference Group (YPRG) discussed the role, designed the job advert and interviewed applicants. The new trustees have facilitated sessions with the group about how young people want their voices to be heard, and how best to represent those who are not in active groups.


On his appointment, trustee Jason said "I feel happy and very fortunate that I've managed to move to the next stage of life and I definitely value life a lot more now. My own experience and the support I received is what drives me on to help as many people as possible. I am thrilled to be a trustee but I do recognise the responsibility I have. I want to make sure other young people have the same support that I had and to reach those who aren't getting any help. I want to be a voice for children and young people with cancer as someone who understands and has gone through these experiences myself."


The two trustees co-facilitated a training session with the Board around the hidden impact of cancer and what that means for Trustees when they engage with children and young people who have cancer, and their families. This helped to raise awareness of the hidden impacts of cancer, and highlighted the expertise and knowledge young people with lived experience of cancer bring to the Board of trustees.


Andrew Cooper, Tracy Cosgrave, Rebecca Horder