Charitable status

We are delighted to announce that TYAC's ambition to become a registered charity has been realised. This was a key strategic objective identified by the extensive, TYAC-wide development review conducted in 2015, which also resulted in the appointment of TYAC's first director in January 2016. On 23 May 2016, TYAC secured registered charity status as a charitable incorporated organisation. 

TYAC was first established in 2004 in response to concerns that the needs of teenagers and young adults with cancer were not being met and could be better understood.  Until 2016, TYAC operated as an unincorporated association. 

New look

To reflect its new organisational structure and standing as an Approved Professional Organisation and Learned Society, TYAC is implementing an update of its brand launched at is Annual Conference in Leicester.

The new logo reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of TYAC's membership, with professionals from a wide range of disciplines working together to achieve the best possible care for young people with cancer.

Website news

Thanks to support from a charitable foundation, another key development is in the pipeline: the redevelopment of TYAC's website, which TYAC expects to launch at the beginning of September.

Dave Hobin, TYAC Chair commented on these latest developments,

Achieving registered charity status is a key milestone in TYAC's history and development. The organisation has come a long way since 2004. TYAC's members can be rightly proud of what they and TYAC have achieved by working together to have a positive impact on the quality of life and survival chances of young people with cancer. It is this collaborative spirit that is our strength.

Dave again,

We now have a new legal structure and fresh new look that reflects the professionalism of our organization and its members. This is an exciting time for TYAC and our members can look forward to more new developments in the months to come and we welcome their continuing, active participation.