NHS England is working towards the delivering the recommendations to improve cancer services for children and young people that were set out within the Independent Cancer Taskforce Report. The work is being led by Chris Harrison, National Clinical Director for Cancer and Rachael Hough as Chair of the Children and Young People’s Cancer Clinical Reference Group (CYP CRG).

In taking forward the recommendations, NHS England and the CRG have agreed the following aims:

  • To improve clinical outcomes for children and young people with cancer;
  • To improve patient experience for children and young people with cancer; and
  • To ensure equitable access to high quality CYP cancer services.

NHS England and the CRG are keen to engage with stakeholders to share their initial findings and test their thinking for future service proposals ahead of public consultation. There are three engagement events being held across the country. These events are for all stakeholders including clinicians, providers, clinical associations and colleges, patients, families and carers. Please invite your colleagues. There is a real opportunity to further enhance the services available to our young people. Please let us hear your views. 

The engagement events are scheduled to take place on:

To register for any of these events, please follow the links below: