Principal Treatment Centres (PTC) were established to provide age-appropriate care as well as clinical expertise for children and young people with cancer. However, little is known about the effects of specialist treatment centres on survival outcomes especially for teenagers and young adults. This population-based study aimed to describe access to PTC and the associated trends in survival for 0–24 year olds accounting for stage of disease at presentation and treatment.

Patients diagnosed from 1998–2009 aged 0–24 years were extracted from the Yorkshire Specialist Register of Cancer in Children and Young People, including information on all treating hospitals, followed-up until 31st December 2014.


  • Lesley Fairley
  • Daniel P. Stark,
  • Daniel Yeomanson,
  • Sally E. Kinsey,
  • Adam W. Glaser,
  • Susan V. Picton,
  • Linda Evans and
  • Richard G. Feltbower

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