The average age at diagnosis for colorectal cancer (CRC) in Australia is 69, and the age-specific incidence rises rapidly after age 50 years. The incidence has stabilized or is declining in older age groups in Australia during recent decades, possibly related to the increased uptake of screening and high-risk surveillance. In the same time frame, a rising incidence of CRC in younger adults has been well-documented in the United States. This rise in incidence in the young has not been reported from other countries that share long-term exposure to westernised urban lifestyles.

Authors: J.P. Young, A.K. Win, C. Rosty, I. Flight, D. Roder, G.P. Young, O. Frank, G.K. Suthers, P.J. Hewett, A. Ruszkiewicz, E. Hauben, B.A. Adelstein, S. Parry, A. Townsend, J.E. Hardingham, T.J. Price

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