During the past 35 years, survival rates for children with extracranial malignant germ cell tumors (GCTs) have increased significantly. Success has been achieved primarily through the application of platinum-based chemotherapy regimens; however, clinical challenges in GCTs remain.

Authors: T.A. Olson, M.J. Murray, C. Rodriguez-Galindo, J.C. Nicholson, D.F. Billmire, M.D. Krailo, H.M. Dang, J.F. Amatruda, C.M. Thornton, G.S. Arul, S.J. Stoneham, F. Pashankar, D. Stark, F. Shaikh, D.M. Gershenson, A. Covens, J. Hurteau, S.P. Stenning, D.R. Feldman, P.S. Grimison, R.A. Huddart, C. Sweeney, T. Powles, L.F. Lopes, A.S. Dos Santos, G. Chinnaswamy,S.  Khaleel, S. Abouelnaga, J.P. Hale, A.L. Frazier

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