Dr. Sender, medical director, wanted his patients to have some positive associations with treatment, to feel “more complete and whole.” If he ever needed chemotherapy himself, he said, he would want to lose himself in a tranquil, enjoyable environment: “Could I get my infusion in an aquarium?”

He put the question to Roger Holzberg, a former creative director and vice president at Disney Imagineering, and also a former cancer patient.  The Infusionarium (infusion + aquarium) is the result.

The black curtains of the Infusionarium at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County invite patients to peek inside, where pinlights woven into the fabric twinkle like starlight. With the communal feeling of a cosy theatre, it has room for four treatment chairs and seating for visitors. It offers patients a menu of age-appropriate selections, allowing them to be happily distracted, engage with one another, or connect with friends and family.

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