Young adult cancer survivors-individuals in their 20's and 30's-must cope with complicated informational and emotional needs that differ from those of other age groups. Although young adult cancer survivors are resourceful in finding information and support to help meet those needs, they face three distinct, ongoing challenges during and after the cancer experience: (1) feeling isolated; (2) confronting a sense of mortality; and (3) struggling with changing body image and identity. We present empirical findings from qualitative interviews with young adult cancer survivors that demonstrate how these challenges change throughout the illness experience, complicating a survivor's search for information and support. We also characterize the adaptive behaviors survivors employ to overcome these challenges. Given these findings, we suggest design implications for online spaces young adult survivors use to collaborate, as well as resources about privacy and self-presentation that can best support survivors in making decisions about shar-ing information.

Jordan EschlerWanda Pratt

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