The Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) community is an underserved population due to unique quality of life and late-effect issues, particularly future fertility. This study sought to establish rates of documentation of discussion of risk of infertility, fertility preservation (FP) options, and referrals to fertility specialists in AYA patients’ medical records at four cancer centers.

Authors: G.P. Quinn, R.G. Block, M.L. Clayman, J. Kelvin, S. Arvey, J.H. Lee, J. Reinecke, I. Sehovic, P.B. Jacobsen, D. Reed, L. Gonzalez, S.T. Vadaparampil, C. Laronga, M.C. Lee MC, J. Pow-Sang, S. Eggly, A. Franklin, B. Shah, W.J. Fulp, B. Hayes-Lattin

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