Fertility preservation options for young people with cancer

It is well recognized that treatment with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy may affect a patient's future fertility. 

This best practice guidance has been compiled to assist professionals in understanding the treatment options available for pre-pubertal and post-pubertal males and females.  The guidance also gives tips on how to broach this sensitive subject with patients and, where appropriate, their families.


The guidance aims to ensure that professionals are able to fully inform teenagers and young adult (TYA) patients of the potential for infertility as a result of their cancer treatment and to equip professionals to discuss the potential options for fertility preservation with patients.

Current practice

Evidence suggests that actual clinical practice regarding fertility discussion at the beginning of treatment varies across the UK and a significant portion of TYA cancer survivors are unable to recall a discussion about fertility at the time of diagnosis or are dissatisfied with the content of the discussions that did take place (Yeomans D J, Morgan S, Pacey AA 2013).

Authors: Gavin Maynard-Wyatt, Daniel Yeomanson, Victoria Lockey, Lorraine Wright, Nivedita Reddy, Krishna Kotecha Catriona McKeating in association with the Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer (TYAC) Service Development Group.

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