icon Difficult Conversations: Making it easier to talk about end of life issues with young adults with life-limiting conditions ( 889.5KB)

This new resource from the National Council of Palliative Care and Together for Short Lives has been developed to help families and professionals approach conversations with young adults about the end of life.

Talking to young people with life-limiting conditions can help improve their quality of life and give peace of mind for families. Difficult Conversations for Young Adults, funded by Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, was developed following conversations with 13 young adults with a life-limiting condition and families who had cared for a young person in the past. The resource has been created to support health professionals in having difficult conversations with the growing number of children and young adults with life-limiting conditions who come into their care.

Although the overwhelming message from the young adults and families in this guide was ‘we want to focus on living, not dying’, they also recognised that there are times when it is not only necessary, but helpful to talk about issues to do with dying. Having an honest conversation about wishes for future care and how young adults wish to be remembered, can bring peace of mind to both them and their family.