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The TYAC blog features posts from professionals working in the field of teenage and young adult cancer care.

The TYAC blog aims to inform and influence the practice of professionals working with young people with cancer, highlighting professionals' experiences and day-to-day work, contributing to new thinking, and discussing current issues in the field. 

TYAC welcomes contributions from guest authors with relevant experience to share their thoughts, expertise and to prompt discussion of key issues in the field of teenage and young adult cancer care.

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Identifying the top ten research priorities for teenage and young adult cancer: Behind the scenes

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Priority Setting Partnership (TYAPSP) was launched to find 10 priority research questions to form the basis of a TYA cancer research strategy. Here, TYAC members Lorna Fern, Bob Phillips and Faith Gibson, and Res...

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Remaining 20 TYA research priorities identified

In a previous post, TYAC announced the Top 10 research questions which were selected by a wide range of individuals with experience with TYA cancer, including young people as well as families and carers. The Top 10 research questions were narrowed...

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Teenage and young adult cancer research priorities identified

Dr Dave Hobin, Consultant Paediatric and TYA Oncologist at Birmingham Children's Hospital and TYAC Chair talks about the development of a new framework for TYA cancer research.

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TYAC and CCLG come together in 2018

As TYAC moves into 2018, newly merged with Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce the charity's work.

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The future of research in TYA cancer care

Lorna Fern is the Research & Development Coordinator of the National Cancer Research Institutes (NCRI) Teenage, Young Adult and Germ Cell Clinical Studies Group, Chair of the NCRI TYA Health Services Research Sub Group and the National Lead for Pa...

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TYAC BRIGHTLIGHT Conference 2017: Delegate reflection

In July, we hosted our annual TYAC conference in partnership with research programme, BRIGHTLIGHT to share the latest research, news and treatment methods, amongst some of the leading experts in Teenage and Young Adult Cancer care across the UK. H...

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Social era: the importance of Twitter to TYAC

In an increasingly digital world, it has never been more important to be active on the web in order to get your voice heard and with 328 million monthly users, Twitter is just one quick easy way to engage with a vast online audience.

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New points of view

Dr Bob Phillips, Honorary Consultant in Paediatric and TYA Oncology at Leeds General Infirmary, has been a member of TYAC for over 10 years. Here, he explains the benefits his membership with the organisation has had on his approach to caring for...

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Sailing towards recovery

Frank Fletcher, CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, on how sailing can help rebuild confidence in teenagers and young adults in recovery from cancer.

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Why teenagers and young adults?

David Wright, Cancer Trust Lead Nurse for Teenagers and Young Adults at Manchester Christie Hospital, talks about why he chose to work with this age group.

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